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Terms and Conditions of Agreement


This Site is owned and managed by The POSSUM UNIT TRUST trading as POSSUM MULTIMEDIA (POSSUM).

POSSUM builds, hosts and maintains websites where:

a) The functionality of the website is the same as that specified on our website and as in an of the website shown at

b) The look (colours, fonts and pictures) are similar to the website template chosen by you from those appearing on our website www.possummultimedia.com.au.

You acknowledge on making a full or part payment of the cost of the website you will become bound by the Terms and Conditions of Agreement listed below:

1. After a payment of an agreed amount has been made, POSSUM will develop an Interim Website which will comply with a) and b).

2. Possum will publish the Interim Website to a temporary domain and will discuss and agree by telephone any changes required to finalise the Website.

3. Possum will implement the agreed changes, will publish a final version of the website to a temporary domain and will notify you that the website is complete. Within 7 days from the date of being advised that the website is completed, you must notify POSSUM of any agreed changes that have not been done. Possum will implement these agreed changes.

4. On payment of all the money due to Possum for developing the website, Possum will publish the Website to your domain.

5. Possession of and ownership in the Website will remain vested in POSSUM until the full amount due for the website has been paid by you.

6. The Website is covered by a warranty as specified on the Possum website. possum.hosting24.com.au/~possum1/support-2/warranty/

7. This agreement is governed by the laws of Western Australia. The courts of Western Australia, and no other courts, shall have jurisdiction in relation to any matter or dispute arising from this agreement.

8. While every effort will be made by POSSUM to act in good faith and to honour any obligation or performance required of POSSUM arising from this agreement, under no circumstances will POSSUM, or any of its proprietors and/or associates be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, aggravated, consequential or any other damages arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement. Alternatively, the liability of POSSUM for damages of any kind and howsoever arising will be limited to the Retail and no more.

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